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Green Schools National Network

Non-Profit Visual Rebrand and Web Design Refresh

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Project Summary

It was amazing to work with Green Schools National Network, a non profit who is dedicated to whole-school and whole–district sustainability on their new visual identity and website site. Green Schools National Network is dedicated to whole-school and whole–district sustainability that shifts the paradigm needed to transform your culture so that your students become changemakers, not just test-takers, who are prepared to live in and lead a sustainable future.

When redesigning their visual brand, we had fun distilling their legacy and values into a new beautiful logo, color palette and responsive WordPress Website.

The idea behind their new visual brand comes from wanting to encompass the 4 Holistic Impact Systems that drives whole school transformation which is outlined in their GreentPrint™. We envisioned that the logo mark can use taken apart and used in different parts of the brand, and when it connects, it represented the Green Schools National Network as a whole.

The inspiration for the colors and shapes used in the visual brand and website comes from the use of an elevated primary colors (representing the education) and the shapes of leaves (representing nature, sustainability, growth)

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