It’s time to

and activate the luminary leader within

Radiate is my brand new master class to activate the luminary leader within – of course using astrology!

Join me for a FREE New masterclass where I show you on how!

In this  masterclass:

I want to show you…

What it means to be a Star Powered Luminary

5 things getting in the way of your luminary leadership

One Astro key you must confidently radiate to shine brighter

How you know when you’re tapped into your highest potential

Leslie Tagorda holding a crystal

At the end …

I’ll be sharing what’s on the horizon for 2023. It’s alllllll my best wisdom poured into one magical vessel.

Consider this your most open hearted invitation to the inner workings that drive this one-of-a-kind perspective of astrology, healing and making YOUR mark!

Register now and get a preview to my new framework which connects ALL the dots between astrology, our inner spiritual journey and our outer leadership expression.

Masterclass Replay

Activating the Luminary Leader within

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