Episode 95: Replay – 5 Ways to Illuminate Your Moon Sign in Your Business

by | Jul 14, 2021

Continuing with our Moon theme, we’re going to discuss how to unlock your moon sign and illuminate it for your brand. I like to look at our moon sign as our inner brand, this is the part that most people don’t necessarily see.

But you can always spot somebody who’s not really being authentic or they don’t really know their inner landscape well enough to be operating from it in this kind of mindful conscious way.

When we understand our moon sign, and we’re operating from this place of emotional security, from this place of intuitive trust, when we are constantly up leveling and re examining our roadblocks and our vulnerabilities, this enables us to have to come from this power.

In today’s episode, we will cover

  • Unlocking Your Moon Sign
  • Moon Sign Meaning in your brand – Your Inner Brand
  • 5 Ways to Illuminate Your Moon Sign
  • 6 Questions to integrate your moon sign into your brand

5 Ways to Unlock Your Moon Sign

1. Sign / Archetype

Looking at your Zodiac Sign for your Moon and I like to look at them as Archetypes. Your moon sign is very similar to your sun sign, but whereas your sun is your creative, radiant expression, your moon sign is your emotional, intuitive sense, your inner self.

Now, each of these 12 zodiacs are archetypes. They exist on a spectrum, right? They expect they exist from a high vibration to down to low vibration. If we look at each of these archetypes, we can then place that your moon archetype through the filter of your inner emotional intuitive means this looks at your desires, your fields, your ability to heal, and your ability to nurture yourself, as well as others.

On the spectrum and put the filter of your emotional/intuitive self, desire, feel, heal, nurture. You desire to be:

  • ARIES: I desire to be first
  • TAURUS: I desire to be beautiful
  • GEMINI: I desire to be heard
  • CANCER: I desire to be accepted
  • LEO: I desire to be adored
  • VIRGO: I desire to be (imperfectly) perfect
  • LIBRA: I desire to be collaborative
  • SCORPIO: I desire to be powerful
  • SAGITTARIUS: I desire to be free to explore
  • CAPRICORN: I desire to be successful
  • AQUARIUS: I desire to be nonconforming
  • PISCES: I desire to be unconditionally loved

2. Elements

If you’re new to astrology, learning the signs by their element will help you really understand each of the zodiac signs.

  • Fire
    • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    • Passionate, expressive, creative, inspirational
  • Earth
    • Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
    • Manifesting: Practical, sensual, grounded
  • Air
    • Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
    • Think, connect, relate, understand
  • Water
    • Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
    • Receiving: Heal, nurture, feel

3. Quality / Modality

  • Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
    • First, starter, instigator
  • Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
    • Problem solver, steadfast, stubborn
  • Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
    • Changing, versatile, freedom

4. Moon House Placement

The house placements are really important because you can find out where your life or because I’m a business astrologer when your business you need to express your desires. You can also see where and how in your business you can best access healing based on the placement of your moon sign.

If you’re not sure how to find what house your moon sign is in, I do have a course called “How to Read Your Natal Chart for Business where you learn how to create, direct and navigate your brand using astrology.

Where in your biz you need to express your desires:

1H: I lead and guide with my emotions/intuition
2H: I build value with my emotions/intuition
3H: I promote and communicate with my emotions/intuition
4H: I root and belong with my emotions/intuition
5H: I celebrate and create with my emotions/intuition
6H: I serve and practice with my emotions/intuition
7H: I connect and relate with my emotions/intuition
8H: I trust and heal with my emotions/intuition
9H: I believe and see with my emotions/intuition
10H: I promise and deliver with my emotions/intuition
11H: I impact and change with my emotions/intuition
12H: I surrender and flow with my emotions/intuition

5. Aspects

An aspect is a relationship between your moon and any other planetary energies in your natal chart. If you have an aspect, this is going to give you more information as to what you need to feel or how you need to use your moon sign in your brand.

Conjunction – A blend of your emotions and another planet are closely aligned with each other within about five degrees.
Opposition – An integration between your emotions and another planetary energy is facing each other 180° apart.
Square – A trigger between your emotions and another planetary energy are 45°apart.
Trine – A flow between your emotions and another planetary energy at a 120° angle

6 questions to integrate your Moon sign into your brand

Moon sign wants you to get curious about

  • What does success feel like (feeling while receiving)?
  • How do I want to feel (what feels secure)?
  • How do I desire to be recognized/acknowledged?
  • What shadows need TLC and healing?
  • What motivates me? My why?
  • How does my intuition communicate with me?

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