Episode 89: Replay: 5 Ways to Use Your Moon Sign in Brand and Business

by | Jun 23, 2021

My favorite topic to talk about in your business and your natal chart is your moon sign. The moon has many deep layers and meaning in your personal astrology. When it comes to your business, your moon’s needs will always take precedence. Awareness of your moon’s nonnegotiables show you what success feels like to you, how you need to be recognized, and how to motivate yourself from faith (vs fear). I share a fresh perspective on the moon and then share a replay of one of last year’s most popular episodes.

Why the moon sign is so important

Our moon sign represents our inner self, our emotional self, our intuitive self. I call our moon sign part of our inner brand, the part of the brand that others don’t see, but let me tell you, they certainly get a sense of it. But when we really look to our moon sighting keep on revisiting and relearning what our moon wants to know about ourselves, we can peel back the layers and begin to build the wholeness.

5 ways to use your moon sign in your brand

  1. Your Moon sign is your emotional anchor and connection in your brand
    Your Moon sign shows you how you need to feel emotionally secure. When you feel emotionally secure, it becomes an anchor from which you express yourself in business. This feels authentic and aligned with your customers. And this anchor becomes the connection to your soul customers. Your customers will not remember what you say, they will remember how you make them feel.
  2. Your Moon sign is your intuition and how you can easily make decisions in business
    We have been taught to not trust our intuition or to even recognize it. But we all have it. When we learn to hear our intuition and discern it from emotional fear, we can let it guide us in making choices based on faith versus making choices based on fear.
  3. Your Moon sign helps you face your fears to achieve your goals in business
    We are born into this life with the karmic lessons we need to learn, which are partially symbolized in our Moon sign. If we are not mindful, we express ourselves from the shadow of our Moon sign. It’s our job to understand the stories that hold us back, work through them, and alchemize these challenges into gifts that make us uniquely able to serve customers who are going through the same obstacles.
  4. Your Moon sign helps you choose your own destiny and success
    Your Moon sign shows us what needs nurturing and care in ourselves. She shows us how we desire to be recognized and what success means to us individually. When you understand this about yourself, you can claim what recognition and success means to you and declare that outwardly to choose your own destiny. If you don’t choose your own destiny, someone else will assign one to you and it’s often not what you want.
  5. Your Moon sign is your “why” in business
    Why you do what you do. Call it purpose, call it meaning. Whatever you call it when you can understand why you do what you do and share that in the world with your brand story, you can call in your ideal customers. All of the meaning in your Moon sign gives you keys to understanding your why and creating your meaningful brand story.

How to learn more about your moon sign

  1. Look up your sign
    Understand the archetype of your moon sign, the element, and the modality. Then apply this understanding of the sign to your interior, emotional, and intuitive self. Get connected with this inner landscape.
  2. Notice your intuition
    Where do you get your intuitive hits? Do you feel it in your body? In your nervous system? In your thoughts? Look to your moon sign element to see if that element fire (spirit), air (mind), water (emotion), body (physical sensation) has more vibrancy when you get an intuitive hit.
  3. Look to other planetary aspects
    Is your moon in conjunction, square, trine, or opposition to another energy? If so, those energies either fully blend (conjunction), trigger by external experience (square), harmonize (trine), or require integration (opposition) with your moon (inner, emotional, intuitive) self.
  4. What house is your moon in?
    Whichever house your moon sign is in will give you insight as to what area life/business your moon sign desires to express itself fully. For example, a moon in the first house means that you present yourself closely aligned with your interior self. Or if your moon is in the 8H, you use your deep emotions and intuitions to transform your and others’ lives.

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