Episode 4: Shatter Shame with the Full Moon Eclipse

by | Nov 5, 2022

In this episode, Mina Raver graciously shares her 1:1 AstroBrand™ session with you because we cover the inner healing journey and the gap left when we rely solely on strategies to help us succeed. The gap – shame and fear. To be a change maker is to do the unknown and face the fear of uncertainty. And the Taurus Lunar Eclipse is the energy you need to shatter that shame through radical acceptance of your painful emotions. Learn about the inner journey through the lens of this eclipse and Mars Rx to get to the heart of success in your change-making journey.

  • How all the strategies and curriculum don’t create change
  • The one key to shattering shame and fear
  • How the full moon eclipse along with Mars Rx is supporting you
  • How the healing journey supports your hero’s journey with Chiron
  • No such thing as Procrastination and more!

if you are interested in learning more about Mina’s change-making work, head over to https://2kdaysproject.com/

Mina Raver is a no is not an option change maker That every I believe that every inorganic system that choreographs our lives is the product of an idea of and that as changemakers all I have to do is figure out how to systemize the alternative and we have the power to change the world.

Join me for Radiate: Activating the Luminary Leader Within

Moonday November 14, 2022,  @ 12p Pacific / 3p Eastern

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