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by Aug 14, 2019Client Love

Today I want to share a success story of one of the multi-talented women business owners that I helped through my astrology-based branding program Crystallize.

I’ve known Patty for years, but by the time we reconnected last year, Patty had completed her western herbalist studies and started a business selling handmade beauty products and offering holistic herbal medicine consultations while occasionally teaching natural beauty workshops.

Patty was just starting out, she had a few clients, made a few sales but her profits were not nearly where she needed them to be. She chalked up the small sales and her low prices to being a new player in the field. In her circles, women with way more experience weren’t charging that much more then she was so she also felt she couldn’t step on anyone’s toes and charge more.

The vision Patty held for her business wasn’t yet crystal clear but she knew she could be making a bigger impact, helping more women achieve flow and freedom in their health and beauty and promoting plant-based beauty.

While Patty didn’t have the income coming in from her business to pay for Crystallize, Patty had the tremendous drive to start her business off on the right foot and get her branding in place so she could step into her own and grow her business.

Crystallize has helped me so much in my business and personal journey. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done to help me define my brand and messaging, not to mention guiding me to develop the confidence I needed to put myself out there to share my offerings! It’s really helped me take my business to the next level. I’m beyond grateful for Crystallize and everything you’ve taught me, especially giving people a unique brand experience that is me!! 🙏

Patty L. –
Oakland CA


While working through Crystallize, Patty faced her money stories she learned from her family and from the other healers in her circle who projected their money blocks onto her. Patty learned to recognize the true value of her products and services and she decided that she didn’t have to price her products low just because others in her field were pricing low. I encouraged Patty to raise her pricing across the board on her products and services even though she thought her customers would leave her.

Well, much to Patty’s delight, not even a month after raising her prices, she doubled her income and not one customer left or complained!

Patty’s pricing was only one of the many successes Patty has had as a result of Crystallize.

The 12-week brand coaching program worked so well for Patty because it allowed her to brand her business and offerings in a way that were in 100% in sync with all her gifts as a maker, healer and teacher.

Patty and her business are now thriving because she took all the strategies she learned in Crystallize and implemented them in her business.

Fast forward to 7 months later and I’m amazed at her business growth. I like to check in with the members after they complete the program to track their progress. She recently shared with me that next up for her are online courses so she can share her teachings on natural beauty from the inside with even more people.

Crystallize is launching again this Fall and applications now open to serve multi-visionary women who are ready to step out and share their expertise with the world. Applications are now open for those courageous enough to invest in their business and brand who they are!

Check out Patty’s business at! Her face oils and cleansers are heavenly, I’m a loyal fan.

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