Episode 78: Sun enters Gemini + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of May 16 – 22

by | May 15, 2021

The Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Gemini this week and before we can all go with the flow, we have some serious issues to reconsider as Saturn drills down to a stop before going retrograde next week. We are getting clear on the new values and structures we need to build but we have the energy to do the tear down of what is no longer stable this week. Feel into the push and pull this week so you can get clear on what desperately needs change. Gratefully Jupiter is keeping us buoyant and connected. Ready!?

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of May 16 – 22


Sun trine Pluto Rx

2:49 AM Pacific | 5:49 AM Eastern

Power to create and make

What creative intensity is building?

For a few days leading up to and away, the Taurean Sun is in flow with transformative Pluto. This supportive and harmonious energy may feel like clarity from unconscious energies rising up to help you with your creative force. It could feel like the understanding or resolution of deep emotions that have previously caused you shame but now you can see how those have impacted your creative process. Pay attention and notice these deep creative forces. They are necessary in our life and add so much beautiful wisdom.

Sun Taurus 26° trine Pluto Capricorn 26°. Look to your natal chart for 26° +/- Earth signs. These energies will harmonize with this transit. If you have energies at 26° +/- Fixed or Cardinal signs, you will feel creative tension with this shift.


It’s a day to take creative action, but not willy nilly action… focused action. The type of action that with a one, two punch! You can certainly add more value with targeted, disciplined actions with a day like today.

2Q Moon Leo 29°01′

12:13 PM Pacific | 3:13 PM Eastern

Act with confidence

What focused creative action will allow you to commit to your intention?

It’s time to take action on your New Moon intentions, show the Universe you are ready by taking responsibility. What is one thing you can do, with confidence, to act upon what you desire? Creativity today is in your limitations. If you were to choose just one, focused, action, what would it be? Notice where you have constraints or where you need to create restraint. It’s in these restrictions that you have the most control and value.

Venus trine Saturn

6:58 PM Pacific | 9:58 PM Eastern

Limitations pay off

What sense of restriction pays off and has the most value?

For a day leading up to and away, you may be faced with limitations or have reached your boundaries. It is in this place, at the edges of your container where you can find focus and sustainable value. Who says you can’t find joy and freedom in responsibility and restrictions? It is by creating your own boundaries and structures that you can be truly free and grow in your most sustainable way. You now have the support to add value by creating these necessary boundaries.

Venus Gemini 13° trine Saturn Aquarius 13°. Look to your natal chart for 13 +/- Air signs. These energies will harmonize with this transit. If you have energies at 13 +/- Fixed or Mutable signs, you will feel creative tension with this shift.


Sun enters Gemini

12:37 PM Pacific | 3:37 PM Eastern

Season of sharing engaging information

What witty dialog and messaging will you create this season?

Now through June 20, the sun, our creative vibrancy, gets the conversation started in quick thinking Gemini. The Sun represents our solar consciousness and what we do so well – that differentiating value in our brand. The Sun is our creative force and energy. While the Sun sails through Gemini, our creativity hones in on building relationships by way of sharing ideas. Sharing ideas isn’t just spouting off facts, but instead about casting your curiosity wide and understanding many different perspectives. It’s not that Gemini changes its mind, it’s that Gemini can see how points of view shape shift over time.

As you focus into Gemini season, put your thinking and teaching hat on. Get curious about your message and what you want to share through your business and brand. As you listen to others you get the insight you need to fine tune your message and communications to call in those with shared interests and values.


Sun square Jupiter

8:03 AM Pacific | 11:03 AM Eastern

Your potent visions and inspiration ignite

What are your dreams or inspirational downloads envisioning for you?

Can you allow yourself to feel into this huge and expansive energy? Your creativity can be set ablaze with this visionary energy! As the Sun, our creative vitality and Jupiter, our expansive belief square off in the sky, you are ready to fly high! Channel this energy into creative pursuits, even if the energy feel untamable, you can edit later. Be aware that this energy can flow into feeling overly generous. Be aware of what you agree to so that you don’t regret it later. However you channel this energy, ENJOY and share it with others to help up your enthusiasm.

Sun Gemini 0° and Jupiter 0° is a fresh and potent meeting where fascination and curiosity ignite. Look to your natal chart for energies at early degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as these will add to your creative fuel. If you have natal energies at early degrees of Air or Water signs, these will help you flow.

Saturn stations Aquarius 13°30′

Pressure to break free of the old

What role and responsibility do you want to have to create social equitable change?

A few days before Saturn appears to go backwards in the sky, Saturn drills down on 13°, barely making a move. In reality, Saturn has been on this single focused point of Aquarius 13° all of May! Saturn’s second traditional home is Aquarius. When in Aquarius, instead of building up the structures and containers in which we learn our place in the world to succeed, Saturn is breaking the rules he built so that he can live free from social restraints and conditioning that hold us back through shoulds and duty.

In 2021 as we create social equity, part of this breakthrough of Saturn in Aquarius is building sustainable businesses and equitable leadership. The old Capricornian patriarchy and hustle is dying. Breaking free can be scary for some, especially those that fear change or hold tradition at all costs. For the rest of us, this is the change we’ve been waiting for.

As Saturn gets ready to shift and reform systems during the upcoming retrograde cycle, I want you to notice what old paradigms and resistance about embracing change come up for you. What part of the old system that we are leaving behind scares you? Get curious.

If you’re ready to bring on the change, get curious with what role and responsibility you want to bring on this much needed social change.

As an outer planet, we will only feel these Saturnian shifts on a subtle level. But while Saturn comes to a stop during these few days, this is where you are likely to feel the pressure.

Look to your natal chart at 13° of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) as these energies are adding to the creative tension now. If you have any energies at 13° of Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) these planets are supporting your role as change maker.

Saturn Retrograde Schedule

  • 5/18 Saturn Station Aquarius 13°
    What parts of old systems are you resistant to break and leave behind?
  • 5/23 Saturn Retrograde Aquarius 13°31’
    What old rules and boundaries are you breaking to create new, socially-equitable responsibilities and containers?
  • 8/1 Sun Leo 10° Opposite Saturn Aquarius 10°
    What illumination and new thoughts do you now have about structure reform in your life and business?
  • 10/11 Saturn Direct Aquarius 6°53’


Mercury square Neptune

7:43 PM Pacific | 10:43 PM Eastern

Communicate visually or musically

What big idea can you conjure through spirit?

You are likely to wax poetically today or rediscover your musical/artistic side. Feel like adding a Haiku to your email signature? Or creating a watercolor instead of a memo, today would be the day. Play with the dreaminess and forget the guilt from not being able to focus. Details and specificities are not on the agenda for today. What will you create as you connect your conscious and unconscious mind today? And more importantly, how will you add this to your business in the form of value – yes, it is there!

Mercury Gemini 22° squares off with Neptune Pisces 22°. Look to your natal chart to see if you have planets or angles near 22° of Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as these will add to your creative tension. Air and Water signs near 22° will add to your flow.

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