Episode 104: Sun enters Virgo + Biz StarCast Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of August 22-28

by | Aug 15, 2021

The stars want you to know that this week you create your own luck. The most fortunate week of the August with blessed Venus entering her home sign of Libra and the maverick Uranus stopping to go retrograde all the while calling in some lucky breaks while the creative sun illuminates expansive Jupiter (the mid point of Jupiter Rx). Your doors of opportunity open only if you’ve been committed and diligent about preparing. Oprah says: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”This week could shower you with luck and blessings if you’ve done your prep work. Are you doing your part to attract luck?

In this episode

  • 2Q Moon Scorpio 23°
  • Venus enters Libra
  • Mercury conjunct Mars
  • Sun opposite Jupiter
  • Uranus Retrograde
  • Mercury trine Uranus Rx
  • Mars trine Uranus Rx

Astrology for Entrepreneurs for the Week of August 15 – 21, 2021

Being prepared attracts luck

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfery

The most fortunate week of the month with blessed Venus entering her home sign of Libra and the maverick Uranus stopping to go retrograde all the while calling in some lucky breaks while the creative sun illuminates expansive Jupiter. This week could shower you with luck and blessings if you’ve done your prep work.

Be sure you’re doing your part to attract luck.


A big day to take action with our second quarter moon and Venus entering her home sign of Libra.

2Q Moon Scorpio 23°

8:20 AM PT | 11:20 AM ET

Act and investigate

What will you intuit and deepen your research to activate your intention?

With the moon at the 2Q phase and gaining light, it is time to initiate and take action on your goals and New Moon intentions. No more planning, no more thinking. Time to act. In Scorpio, action is through deepening your understanding through research and your own inner intuition. Part of this deepening is finding the sometimes uncomfortable truth that prevents you from achieving your highest potential. Scorpio allows you to become friends with your shadows to bring them to light so you can work through them instead of sweeping things under the rug where they collect and hold you back. Do your due diligence with Scorpio moon.

There is no hiding.

Especially activating for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Especially supportive for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Venus enters Libra

9:27 PM PT | 12:27 AM + 1 ET

Connect to your people

What meaningful and committed relationships will you create?

A great season to foster your business relationships

Now through September 10, Venus graces her beautiful home sign of Libra. Venus is our energy to connect to the people and resources we need in our lives and businesses. The sign your natal Venus is in shows what you appreciate in others. In Taurus, Venus is all about the physical things we need and in Libra, she’s all about valuable people we need that allow us to thrive. In our businesses, our people are our ideal customers and business partners that create our closest committed relationships that help our businesses grow. Relationships matter in your successful business. During this season, focus on creating win-win relationships for you, your ideal customers and business partners.

Relationships matter.

If you have your natal Venus in Libra, you value and connect with others over beauty, friendship and relationships.

If you have planets or angles in Libra, as Venus graces through she will share her blessings with your natal energies.


Mercury conjunct Mars

8:28 PM PT | 11:28 PM ET

Express your priorities

What needs saying to galvanize your boundaries?

Are you stating your needs? Are they getting met? You may get frustrated or angry when your priorities are not at the top? Ultimately it is your responsibility to share expectations, policies, and responsibilities. Having expectations clear and at the center isn’t mean, it’s constructive to projects and relationships going smoothly. And you can still be assertive as well as kind. Your customers will appreciate your clarity.

Be clear with your boundaries.

Look at your chart and discover which house contains Virgo 12°. This is the area in your business where you need to clarify and express your priorities.

Mercury and Mars Virgo 12°


Sun opposite Jupiter

5:29 PM PT | 8:29 PM ET

Illuminating expansive creativity

What can you brilliantly share today?

A lucky and generous day

It feels like a lovely and expansive day. Go forth and share your brilliance, you’re feeling so generous. With Jupiter, though, be aware to not go overboard. You could work on a creative project, share what you do so well, or even revel in the brightness of the day. If your emotions are feeling intense today, it’s best to channel this energy into your focused creative work versus sharing it out with the world.

Enjoy your brilliance.

Sun Leo 27° opposite Jupiter Rx Aquarius 27°

Uranus Retrograde

6:40 PM | PT 9:40 PM ET

Reform sustainable progress

What physical resources in your life and business need upleveling?

Taurus steps on the brakes today on 14°49′ to head in reverse through January 17, 2022. Taurus is the last outer planet to join the annual retrograde train. Mostly a subtle transit, you’ll notice it the most during the change in directions. Uranus is going oh so slowly right now and for the next 6 months will crawl back only 4°, drilling into this middle area of Taurus. If you happen to be someone with planets or angles between Taurus 10° – 14°, Uranus will be revolutionizing your natal energies and asking them to innovate for a brighter future. In Taurus, this innovation likely will occur with your physical resources aka money, food, shelter and environment. Globally, we all need this more than ever as we are at critical mass with climate and environmental issues.

Re-volution rising.

If you have fixed energies (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) between 10°-14° you will feel this revolutionary energy more intensely.

If you have earth energies (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) between 10°-14° you will be in flow with this innovative change.


Mercury trine Uranus Rx

1:06 AM PT | 4:06 AM PT

Communication breakthroughs

What opportunities can you be open to by talking it through?

It’s a day like this that you may want to talk through some of your ideas with your trusted business besties. The gold is in the process. Through your Mecurian actions (talking, writing, organizing) opportunities could come through that revolutionize old ways of doing things. This is a short transit so make use of this energy as you have it, if you wait, it will be gone.

Don’t wait.

If you have earth energies (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) you will feel this need to process even more.

Mercury Virgo 14° trine Uranus Rx Taurus 14°


Mars trine Uranus Rx

11:38 PM PT | 2:38 AM + 1 ET

Confident risk taking

What opportunities can you be open to by moving it through your body?

Only yesterday, Mercury was in flow with Uranus and now Mars is about to join the party. Mars (your will power) and Mercury (your communication power) have essentially been working together this entire week helping you express what needs boundaries and prioritization. And now that these energies are flowing with Uranus (your innovation power) there are opportunities for change. You may feel this extra energy and drive in your body or your nervous system. Channel this physical energy so it flows. Listen to your body and nervous system as to what opportunities of change are now open. Similar to yesterday with talking things through to process, today, you may need to move your body to process.

Sweat it out.

If you have earth energies (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) you will feel this need to move it out even more.

Mars Virgo 14° trine Uranus Rx 14°

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