Episode 101: Sustainable, Feel-Good Money Flow with Megan Hale

by | Aug 4, 2021

Triple fire (Leo Rising, Aries Moon, Leo Sun), Profit First®️ Business Strategist & Money Mentor, Megan Hale (@meganhale_mh) shares how you can step into your own #feelgoodmoney and create sustainable, aligned business growth.

I consider Megan a friend and mentor as she helps me craft my offers and get my money in tip-top shape.

Take a listen and learn how you can build a sustainable business that allows your business to flex and move through your unique business seasons.

In true Leo fashion, Megan models how to shine brightly as a creative passionate leader.

In this episode:⁠

✨ Creating a Sustainable Business⁠
✨ Six Key Financial Needs⁠
✨ Understanding Your Business Seasons⁠
✨ Megan’s Quantum Flow Offering⁠

Meet Megan Hale

Megan Hale is Profit First®️ Business Strategist & Money Mentor for equity driven entrepreneurs ready to step into #feelgoodmoney & create sustainable, aligned business growth.

As a former psychotherapist with a soulful perspective, she brings a rich business acumen that expertly blends both practical and intuitive strategy with the “how-to” of money to help you consciously create a business that intentionally funds your dreams. Her raved about Money Map has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs deepen into money mastery in a feel good way!

With a special emphasis on empowering women identifying entrepreneurs into their next level of growth, she regularly podcasts on the intersections of business, money, psychology, & leadership with a focus on leveraging entrepreneurship, especially as a White woman, to build a more equitable world.

Connect with Megan

Megan Hales Quantam Flow

A 12-month holistic mastermind that blends aligned custom strategy & powerful community for exponential, life-shifting, expansive business growth!

Work with me

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