Venus enters Cancer - Connect Through Emotional Safety

by Leslie Tagorda
Astrological transits always affect us all in real time — you’ve probably read about what to expect when Mercury is in Retrograde, or Jupiter enters a new sign, but how does these energies apply to you specifically?

This is where your individual birth chart placements come in. When you were born, you came to Earth with a very specific set of energies that are special to you specifically, based on the placement of the planets in the sky. Just because you have a Sun that was in the constellation Capricorn when you were born, doesn’t mean the other planets were also in Capricorn!

In real time, when a planet ingresses into a new sign, if you have those natal energies, notice what energizes and activates for you. Note how this activation feels. If it’s Mars, it’ll gear you up to action; if it’s Mercury, it will prompt you to reassess how you communicate etc.

Regardless, you get to choose how you will express all of these unique energies lighting up different parts of you.

In my free Biz StarCast that talks about the astro weather forecast coming up for the month and how it applies to your Work, (sign up here) I highlight the individual experiences of transits that match the signs of your planets natally. For example, even if a Mercury in Taurus affects everyone, it’ll affect you differently if you have that placement in your natal chart!

This post will excerpt that experience so you can refer back to this whenever you need to understand this part of your chart more.

Venus enters Cancer - Connect Through Emotional Safety

Venus enters Cancer

July 17, 2022 | 6:32 PM PT | 9:32 PM ET

Connect through emotional safety

With whom in your life and business do you need to create belonging?

Venus enters sensitive Cancer, where she desires to luxuriate in self-care, nurturing, and all things close to home. Now for just three weeks until August 11, it’s time to value your emotions and what you need to feel safe. Connect with those that you consider like family during this time to nourish your sense of belonging.

It’s a great three weeks to establish guidelines to build safe communities in your business. These guidelines should outline what safety and inclusion means and the consequences of not abiding.

These guidelines in turn connect with your soul-aligned customers and co-creators, as they will definitely know that they belong.

For Luminaries with Venus in Cancer natally, you love and value emotional intelligence, emotional safety, belonging, family (or chosen family), the past and connecting with those with whom you feel an emotional affinity.

You are a natural empath and nurturer, quick to pick up on people’s feelings. You love making spaces and places feel like home. You most likely feel your most attractive when surrounded by folks that feel like family, and when you share what’s on your heart.

It’s hard for you to let new people and experiences in unless you feel certain that you are protected and safe. But when you do open your arms to welcome in the new, you put much effort into making people feel at home.

People always are drawn to you because they know you will listen to them with an open heart.

In your Work, surround yourself with other safe-space holders who are stewards and protectors of the land, its true history, and ancestry.

Over the next few weeks, as Venus glides through this sign, any planets or angles in Cancer will share their love and emotional acceptance with your natal energies. Get curious with what new blessings are now being attracted.

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