Episode 31: Virgo: Your Power to Organize Your Routines for Effectiveness

by | Aug 23, 2020

Virgos, the ultimate diagnosticians.

From healers to researchers, to systems analysts, Virgos love to analyze and make more efficient.

We gratefully each have Virgo somewhere in our chart, even if we don’t have planets in Virgo.

Thank goodness, because, where we have Virgo, we have the power to heal, make whole and make better because Virgo loves figuring out what’s wrong and how to make better.

And in a business, this is crucial!

But Virgos can get stuck too, it’s not all easy peasy for the workaholic, self-doubting Virgo. She can suffer analysis paralysis if not checked into her analytical tendencies.

Want a deep dive into the powerful energy of the season?

In this week’s episode where I cover:

  • How to optimize the Virgo Archetype in our business by looking at
    • Virgo on the cusps
    • Virgo by the planets
  • Astrology of the week August 23 – August 29

Virgo Archetype

  • Earth & Mutual Sign
  • Ruler of the 6H
  • Diagnostician
    • Healer (nurses, yogis, herbalists,
    • Researcher
    • Analyst
  • Highest expression
  • Lowest expression

How we show up in our brand, where we need to show up

  • More whole and well
  • More efficient
  • Of service
  • Organized

Virgo on the cusps of our houses give us even more specificity of where to direct

Virgo Archetype by House

Find what cusp is ruled by Virgo.

Virgo Archetype House by House

I become more organized and am of service in my business through my

1H: Brand and leadership ability
2H: Brand Values and how I add value to my customers
3H: Communications and how I promote my brand
4H: Emotional groundedness and past experiences
5H: Creativity and joy bring to projects
6H: Day to day operations, automation and ability to delegate
7H: Collaboration with my ideal customers and co-creators
8H: Ability to empower through a vulnerability
9H: Vision of what’s possible
10H: Ultimate mission in my work
11H: Social impact and community building
12H: Ability to restore, retreat and surrender

Virgo Archetype Energies

Look to see if you have any planetary energies in Virgo.

Virgo Archetype Energies

These are gifts to work within your business.

  • RISING: I lead and guide…
  • SUN: I create and radiate…
  • MOON: I feel and heal…
  • MERCURY: I think and express…
  • VENUS: I attract and connect …
  • MARS: I motivate and energize…
  • JUPITER: I expand and believe…
  • SATURN: I build and structure…
  • URANUS: I innovate and individuate…
  • NEPTUNE: I flow and inspire…

…efficiently with wellness and a dedication to serve others.

Astrology of the week


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