Episode 109: Virgo – Your Power to Organize, Systemize, and Make Whole

by | Sep 1, 2021

The Virgo Archetype in your business is organization, routines, and overall health you need to run smoothly and effectively. Ruled by Mercury, you are meant to use Virgo energy to diagnose, prescribe, analyze and systemize your business for optimum health, vibrancy, and service to others. In this episode, I show you how to cultivate the highest ideals of Virgo’s flow while not getting stuck in the rigid shadowy perfectionism, Virgo’s downfall. Especially at a time where we feel broken and incomplete, Virgo shows you that you are already whole and deserving of wellness in your business.

In this episode:

  • What is Virgo (5:01)
  • Why Virgo is important in your business (12:29)
  • What happens when you don’t use your Virgo energy (18:05)
  • Ways to unlock Virgo in your brand (23:30)
  • Virgo by the Planets (29:27)
  • Virgo by the Houses (33:40)

What it is Virgo

  • Earth
  • Mutable
  • Polarity: Pisces (health/process, routine/flow)
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Duality: Yin (Receptive)
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Mantra “BE WHOLE”
  • Rules the 6H in Business
    • Traditional Astrology: Health + Wellness
    • Priestess of the harvest
    • Business Astrology:
      • How we systemize our operations, health and effectiveness of our business.
      • The employees and energies of the employees that we need to bing in our business
      • The systems that we need to have in our business to automate and run it more effectively

Virgo Archetype in Your Business

  • Diagnostician
  • Analyst
  • Healer (mind, body, spirit)
  • Wellness person
  • Health coach
  • Herbalist
  • Editor, analyst
  • Hospitality
  • Environmentalist

Why it’s important

  • We need Virgo in our business!
    • To create ease and flow through routines, processes, operations, systems
    • To create wholeness and health
    • To create systems in business to automate and run more effectively and efficiently

What kind of systems do you need?

  • The energy on the 6H cusp shows you the energy of the employees that work for you as well as the systems you need to support you
    • Astrobrand Aries on her 6H
  • Where Virgo is in your chart where you need to bring routine, health, wellness

What happens when you don’t use it

One of the places we collectively have wounding

Systematically we’ve been taught the shadows of Virgo

  • Perfectionism
  • Overthinking, over critical, overwork
  • Over healthy
  • Stuck in servitude
  • Efficiency

All to serve capitalist and patriarchal hierarchies

  • We don’t feel perfect or whole enough
    • Taught to feel that we aren’t complete
  • We feel we have to be in highest service
    • Work too much, over give
  • We don’t feel healthy enough
    • Something always needs healing and fixing
  • We need all the evidence
    • We don’t trust our intuition enough
  • We need to be efficient
    • We don’t rest to be effective

Evolve Virgo into:

  • Energetic vibrancy
  • Sustainable work
  • Whole-body
  • Effective – goes with the natural, seasonal flow,
  • Harmonious cycles (seasonal, bodily, energetically, sustainable, regenerative,

Perfection is our birthright

  • We are already whole
  • We are all broken and complete
  • We deserve to work easily
  • We deserve to be healthy mind, body, spirit
  • You already know how to regenerate

Ways to Unlock Virgo in your brand and business

  • Strong Virgo (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Sometimes Mercury on the Rising / MH)
  • Virgo wounds – enter through Leo a
    • Interceptions, chiron and Karmic energies
  • Virgo on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to be more organized and be of service
  • Virgo by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use

Virgo Wounds

  • Intercepted – the key is Leo
    • Coming from having fun
  • Karmic Planets / Energies
    • Moon
      • ancestral healing
      • family money stories,
      • needing to feel physically secure
    • Saturn
      • Doubt to mastery
      • Constraint to responsibility
    • Chiron
      • Wounds that may never heal
      • Yet become valuable assets when you share what you’ve learned
    • South Node
      • Moving into ease and flow (Pisces)
      • Not getting stuck in overthinking, over-analyzing or trying to be perfect

Virgo by House

I become more organized, healthy, and of service in my business’s

1H (maybe Virgo Rising): Brand and leadership ability
2H (maybe Leo Rising): Brand Values and how I add value to my customers
3H (maybe Cancer Rising): Communications and how I promote my brand
4H (maybe Gemini Rising): Emotional groundedness and past experiences
5H (maybe Taurus Rising): Creativity and joy bring to projects
6H (maybe Aries Rising): Day to day operations, automation, and ability to delegate
7H (maybe Pisces Rising): Collaboration with my ideal customers and co-creators
8H (maybe Aquarius Rising): Ability to empower through a vulnerability
9H (maybe Capricorn Rising): Vision of what’s possible
10H(maybe Sagittarius Rising): Ultimate mission in my work
11H(maybe Scorpio Rising): Social impact and community building
12H(maybe Libra Rising): Ability to restore, retreat and surrender

Virgo by Planet

The energy I have to create regenerative wellness, routine, and service to others in my business.

Sun: I radiate wellness and organization as my superpower zone of genius
Moon: I need to feel healthy and whole to be successful
Rising: I lead and initiate by effective systemized routines
Mercury: I communicate with evidence and analysis of details
Venus: I attract and partner with other healthy souls
Mars: I am motivated by routine and regeneration
Jupiter: I expand my purpose with practical healing
Saturn: I commit and master my ability to be of service and make sustainable
Uranus: I innovate and evolve through health and wellness
Neptune (1928 – 1943 on and off): I blend into a feeling of deep caring for others
Pluto (56 – 72 on and off): I transform the power of environmental protections and health
North Node: I stretch into practicing health and wholeness to direct my business
South Node: I fall back on what I know about being of service without getting stuck in overworking or analyzing
Chiron: I recognize my deep health and wholeness wounds and share what I have learned about being enough through my offers

This is a gift I use with gratitude and responsibility.


  • See how you have Virgo in your chart somewhere by house or by planet
  • How you need this energy to be more organized and be of service in your life and business
  • Where in your life and business you create this ease and flow by house
  • Remember that this is a gift, and with a gift comes a responsibility to use, appreciate and share.

What will you do with your Virgo energy?

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