5 Day LIVE Mini Training begins in August 2022

Written in the Stars

Intro to Reading Your Birth Chart for Leadership
using the Astrobrand™ Method

Learn the foundational, innovative language of astrology for leadership and identity.

For astrology beginners desiring for a solid foundation and astro lovers looking for an innovative perspective on leadership + astrology

Ready to lead by your chart?

Written In The Stars is your solid foundation into redefining exclusive, judgemental astrology and learning astrology as an inclusive, equitable, empowering and language 100% unique to your changemaking Work.

Written In the Stars is here to help you begin your journey.

We’ll go over the basic tenets, symbols for astrology, to set you up for success

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Next cohort begins August 2022
Get on the waitlist and if you sign up for Written In the Stars by July 31, 11:59p Pacific I will gift you a beautiful natal chart drawing (valued at $99)

AstroBrand™ Readings

These powerful 1:1 are the most insightful and strategic consultations designed to give you clarity and focus into your highest potentials.

I am booked out months in advance, reserve your spot today.

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