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Cocreate with lunar cycles to easefully amplify your impact

Co-authored with Natalie Miller

This book will help you create an intention and reflection practice for the most powerful thing you can do each month to manifest the business and life you want. Each month, you get to create space to clarify what you want, then co-create with the natural cycle of the moon and your unique natal astrology to ask specifically for what you want. With the full moon you get to illuminate what you now see and release what no longer serves your business. New Moons are your most optimal times to set intentions. Full Moons are your time to illuminate and release.

  • 13 New Moons intention rituals + astrology keys
  • 13 Full Moon release rituals
  • House activations for each lunation to customize your rituals
  • Instructions how to personalize your Moon rituals according to your astrology

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