We released + made space, now what?

by Sep 17, 2019#brandwhoyouare

We released & made space, now what?

During the full moon weekend I got so many messages from women sharing with me what they wanted to release during the Pisces Full Moon.

Let me say, it was POWERFUL!

To hold all the stories we tell ourselves and then to dissolve them all together. To loosen the grip of our fears.

Here are a few of the beliefs, shared with me, that we let go:

  • I release my story of procrastination and not truly believing in myself
  • I release my self-sabotaging ways
  • I release my idea of not being worthy
  • I release my low self esteem
  • I release repetitive cycles that hold me in lack
  • I release the things that have caused my burnt out
  • I release blocks to self love
  • I release that I’m not supposed to want money
  • I release that I have to work hard to earn
  • I release my fear of failure

Do any of these resonate with you?

We let go, but now what!?

Now we have a vacuum that must be filled.

Filled with new opportunities, possibilities and new beliefs.

So how do you choose to create opportunities and possibilities?

You SHOW UP and be visible.

You hear me talk visibility and being seen – all the time – but what does this mean exactly?

It means that we consistently show up in our community…

… contribute our nuggets of wisdom + expertise

… and join the conversation

If you aren’t YET doing that, or you don’t know how, lucky you… I have the opportunity for which you’ve been waiting!

In Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle I’m going to show you how to show up!

💖 How to show up aligned to your highest cosmic energies

💖 How to work through negative beliefs and to trust your highest self

💖 How to figure out exactly what you want to talk about and amplify it

💖 How to package up your offerings in a beautiful way

💖 How to consistently and cohesively create a visual family of branding assets

💖 How to gain confidence and clarity so you WANT to show up!

When you start showing up you will be amazed at the opportunities that start to appear.

When you show up, you are telling the Universe that you are ready and available for your dream possibilities.

When you show up, you are telling YOURSELF that you are worth it.

Ready to show up? You have only 3 more days to apply to Crystallize where you will get business coaching, brand strategy and astrological insight so you can #brandwhoyouare and be seen!

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