What do you have to release? Full 🌕 moon in Pisces

by Sep 13, 2019Astrology

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday the 13th, Full Moon in Pisces (9:33p Pacific / 12:33a +1 Eastern) tonight and it’s Harvest Moon, the Full Moon nearest to the Fall Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s time to give thanks for all the fruits of our labor (Harvest)! What do you have to be thankful for that has come into fruition from the seeds you planted during spring’s New Moon in Pisces?

And what if your intentions haven’t yet fruited?

What do you have to prune? What do you have to release?

Often we have beliefs that are taking up valuable space in our emotional and spiritual energies that block the things we really want from manifesting.

We all have these rigid, negative beliefs.

The Pisces full moon is reflecting the light of the Virgo sun. This duality is one that we get to resolve today. What are some of the Virgo-like “isms” that are holding us back from living in flow with our business and lives?

I release the story that I am not worthy enough to invest in my voice + visibility

Today in my Facebook Group, The Savvy Luminary, we chatted about the stories that hold us back from our dreams.

We shared our vulnerable stories about

  • Not being worthy enough
  • Not being ready to show ourselves
  • Panicking when things go too well
  • Fears about never accomplishing
  • Stories that healers shouldn’t earn money
  • Stories that we have to work hard in order to make money

I wrote all of the stories that people wanted to let go on little pieces of paper that I submerged in a bowl of water so that the water could cleanse and release them.

This seemingly little act of writing and letting something go is the begging of making a big change. It would be dishonest of me to say that one little ritual can change an entire lifetime of negative beliefs.

BUT this one ceremony makes a HUGE change.

The change is that we bring light to the story that holds us back and we choose to let it go. The change is in taking away the power of the story by stripping the shadow and shame away.

I shared my money story with the group. About the stories I still tell myself about my ability to earn more money. It was vulnerable, I shared my deepest fears about money.

And in the same thread it was inspiring. As it showed that we ALL have these stories we hold onto.

So what can you bring into the full illumination of the Virgo Sun onto the Pisces Full Moon?

Tonight, what will you decide to let go in order so that you can bring more flow into your life and business?

Please share with me what you want to release. If you do it before 9p I will add it to the bowl to dissolve with the other stories. !

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