What the heck is astrology-based branding? ✨

by Aug 13, 2019Astro-Branding, AstroBrand, Astrology

Let’s talk astrology-based branding. My all time favorite thing to talk about!

Before I had my son Rocket, my bestie and I would sit around her kitchen island, sipping bubbly, looking over natal charts and talking astrology for hours. We had so much fun discussing planets, houses, aspects and our own sun, moon and rising signs (the foundation of every chart).

Now that my time is more limited, we take our astrology talks over sushi – omakase – or chef’s choice – is our favorite as we love the surprise of what’s coming next and the relief from having to ponder and choose because we’d rather use our time talking astrology!

It’s no wonder that last July in 2018 when I decided to rebrand my design firm, I felt lost and went searching for an answers to my branding questions on the outside: internet gurus, branding “experts,” other designers.

But all those outside answer fell flat and cookie cuter.

Then I looked inside.

I decided to look inside at my own natal chart to see if I could uncover anything regarding my brand.

Inside, I found the branding answers for which I was searching.

It turned into my key that would launch an entirely new brand, new business model and a NEW + INNOVATIVE BRANDING FRAMEWORK!

You may know we are so much more than just our sun sign, that sign that you probably know as your “zodiac” sign. That sign is only one of the big 3 signs in our charts, our sun, moon and rising that gives us a good imprint of our personality.

It hit me that our brands were just as multifaceted and unique as our natal charts and I could use these archetypal energies to brand a business just like I read an astrological chart to interpret someone’s personality and psychological profile!

Each planet or luminary has an archetypal energy that wants to be expressed by its placement and relationship to other luminaries. When you look at the details and put it all together you can create a bigger picture.

Each natal chart, be it for an individual or a business, is a treasure map of the business, showing strengths, challenges that are really gifts, and potentials of what the business can be.

My AstroBrand framework can redirect a business to its true north. Each chart has a compass rose that points into a specific direction that indicates the guide your brand is meant to be, to the ideal customer looking for your services, as well as the challenges you need to stop hiding from in order to reach your highest potential.

Throw in other energies like Mercury the messenger, Pluto the transformer, Mars the motivator and so much more, you have an entire brand map specific to YOU and your business. There are no two natal charts that are exactly alike!

When you are ready to brand who you are, you can create your brand map’s vision, voice and style to enable you to get unstuck, show up, be seen and share your expertise with those looking for you!

You ready to talk AstroBranding or have questions on how AstroBranding can benefit you to take your biz to the next level, schedule a free brand clarity call with me!

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