There’s a special kind of business woman who I partner with really well and don’t mind showing up for.

I love guiding this business owner through the rough patches in her business.

This woman is inspired to take action and she’s hungry to learn more about herself and how she can shine in her zone of genius.

She believes in the value of experimenting and trying things out.

She doesn’t accept failure, unless she can see it as a learning opportunity and a doorway to try it a different way the next time.

Maybe she’s a seasoned business owner who wants to be seen as the expert she is and graduate her business to the next level.

Or she could be a rare gem, a new entrepreneur who’s starting out, that already knows the value of investing in herself so she can quickly scale her business.

This woman is not perfect. She has bad days and a dose of self doubt, as we all do.

But, instead of blaming herself or others for her disappointments, she is determined to work through that self doubt.

Is this YOU?

Listen. I know you’re tired of wasting time trying to decide whether you should rebrand or relaunch your site.

And I know you haven’t been attracting your IDEAL clients… at least not consistent ones that you adore serving.

I also know you’re tired of doing the same old thing over and over again, not knowing where to go next and not making the impact you desire.

And I bet you don’t want to do branding the way everyone else does branding – – so you’ve been searching for a program or consultant that has a unique branding system that is unlike any other.

The faster you figure out exactly how you want to be seen in business, the faster you can define the vision for your business. And once you have a clear vision, you have a strong and clear voice. A powerful voice is the fastest way to attracting your right clients.

This is what you call IMPACT.

Remember, staying stuck where you are and wasting time, is costing you your freedom and it is sucking the life force out of you.

Isn’t it time you took a chance on yourself and your future?

If you want to join a coaching program that will help you attract your right clients and influence your impact, the Crystallize Brand Coaching Circle will give you that and more.

Crystallize is the only astrology-based brand strategy, messaging and design program for women entrepreneurs who are ready to align their shine with their voice.

You can show up as your true brilliant self while engaging and attracting your perfect clients consistently.

Enrollment is open right now. Apply!

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