My Rising Sign is Gemini? Do you know yours?

Because one of the things that I discovered when creating visual brands and websites is that our brands are more than a single quality or personality. In fact, we are multifaceted, with different qualities, experiences and superpowers. Together, these combine to make a completely one-of-a-kind brand.

Brand = The EXPERIENCE someone has with your business

A brand is a multifaceted combination of:

  • A core brand – the heart and soul of what you do best
  • An inner brand – the brand that you need to feel secure in what you do
  • An outer brand – the brand with which your customer connects

When looking at an astrological birth (aka natal) chart, your rising or ascendant sign is your outward facing zodiac sign, and is the personality that people see. In my AstroBrand™ framework this is your outer brand, the brand that connects with your ideal customer.

Your customer depends on you to be their guide through transformation.

And guides come in many different shapes and sizes.

We need to figure out what kind of guide we need to be for our ideal customers.

Often we don’t think about who we need to be to our customer. We then miss out on opportunities because we are not communicating in a way that connects to our ideal customers.

For example, you may be a teacher. And in your teachings, you are providing the information your customer needs, but your info isn’t hitting the mark. We are all overwhelmed today with information, people don’t need more information. People need systems to process the information and emotional connection to the guide and system to help them believe in themselves.

An easy way to figure out who we are supposed to be to our customers is by looking at your rising sign.

Your astrological rising or ascendant is the sign that was rising on the Eastern Horizon at the time and place you were born on this Earth. And when we know the qualities and symbolism of our rising sign we can figure out what qualities our outer brand needs to have to best connect with our customers.

Try this tip… Find your rising sign

Hop on to this free website (no affiliation) and pop in your birth date, time and place. will give you your entire birth chart, look for your Rising or Ascendant Sign.

Here are some characters for each of the rising sign. In AstroBranding™ you would go much deeper into each rising sign based also on the associated element, quality and planet aspects that all flavor the rising sign further.

  • Aries Rising – Adventurous, leader, stamina
  • Taurus Rising – Easy going, charming, elegant, luxurious
  • Gemini Rising – Well informed, change and variety, witty
  • Cancer Rising – Motherly, loving, empathetic
  • Leo Rising – Creative, royal, whimsical
  • Virgo Rising – Analytical, truth, order, nurturing (not motherly)
  • Libra Rising – Social justice, fairness, charm, friendly
  • Scorpio Rising – Intense, strategic, will power
  • Sagittarius Rising – Freedom, expansive, optimistic, frankness
  • Capricorn Rising – Practical, goal oriented, determined, endurance
  • Aquarius Rising – Innovative, observant, strong opinions, intelligent
  • Pisces Rising – Spiritual, intuitive, compassion, sensitive

So for example, I am a Gemini Rising, and I know that my business’s outer brand needs to be a guide that communicates well, that has a broad knowledge, that needs to be adaptable. I personally mix that in with a dose of inspiration as I have other planetary aspects that support that combination.

Of course you can go much deeper into this. It’s just the tip of the iceberg in the AstroBrand™ framework, but oh so helpful!

Using your rising sign, what kind of guide/teacher do you need to be?

Next time, I’ll share with you a little bit more about my AstroBrand™ framework and how brands can use it to expand.

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